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Professional Window and Door Maintenance


We are a long established business providing parts and maintenance for uPVC and aluminium doors and windows.

We have extensive experience in double glazing, dealing with homeowners and hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and offices.

With 20+ years experience in the double glazing industry, we are proud that so many customers have remained loyal to us, some for over 15 years.

We have a large variety of products and services to meet all your window and door maintenance needs.

The doors are subjected to wear and tear after some years, eventually ceases to work. With the age of doors and windows, the repair is mandatory. The performance failure of your Upvc doors never means a replacement. Window Care proudly presents Upvc door repair in Rotherham, make them able to work 100% perfect again. So, don’t buy a new one, as we will repair it for you.

We have a large variety of products and services to meet all your door maintenance needs. Our all-time excellent and distinctive repair gives a new life to your doors and windows. We make whole Process of Door repair In Rotherham simple, effective and affordable for the clients. Our core attitude is committed to Appearance is often a substantial deliberation when it comes to windows repair. Following the effective management and strict quality control policies, the experts never leave the site until you are fully satisfied.

Quality workmanship is essential for achieving operational results for every kind of Window Repair in Rotherham. A survey is conducted in the initial attempt and then we brief you about the current situation of doors and windows. Window care is a brand that always believes to involve the clients from inception to completion of the project.

Call us for any details and our best man will answer your question. Window care is a place where everything is related to quality.