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Parts, repair and maintenance of all doors and windows

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Whatever your double glazing maintenance or security needs - windows, patio doors, window film, locks, hinges, handles, fittings, etc., we are in a prime position to help. With 20+ years experience of maintenance and repair of uPVC and aluminum doors and windows, you couldn't be in safer hands. Our products and services are maintained at stringent standards so that you, as our customer, can get the best value and security your money can buy. We have an array of stylish, innovative, durable and secure products for you to choose from.

We also sell multipoint locks, lock cases, handles, hinges, friction stays, letterplates, etc., via

our Window Care eBay shopshop.

Window and door maintenance plans for large buildings such as hotels, schools, hospitals, care homes, etc., are available.

Our services include:

  • High level work

  • Curtain walling

  • Safety film application

  • Locksmith service

  • Inspection & Reporting

  • Cleaning & servicing

  • Glazing service


Our products include:

Locks and hinges that conform to the latest industry standards

  • An array of stylish handles

  • Window and door gearing

  • Friction stays

  • Letter boxes

  • A vast choice of window and door furniture to suit your every need

Our Services:


We aim to increase and extend the life and security of your doors and windows with our quality services that include:

  • Replacement of all keys and locks with our locksmith service

  • Replacing or repairing of all handles and any other door furniture

  • Replace locking mechanisms Preventative maintenance



Replacement Glazing Services:


Preventative maintenance includes:

Maintenance of all uPVC and aluminum windows and doors
Saves money in the long term
Increases and ensures security
Extends the lifespan of windows and doors

Call us on 01709 552288. We will be happy to help.