Window Care, expert in UPVC Door Repairs

Are you constantly struggling with your doors and getting into and out of your properties? Look no further, at Window Care we provide one-stop-shop solution to every kind of problems related to the UPVC doors from the door itself and its handles to its hinges. We stocked every replacement parts for the UPVC doors. Window Care has over 25 years of experience in providing repair and replacement services for all types UPVC doors and windows in the Rotherham, South Yorkshire area. We take pride in the services we provide and our parts are of high quality. We also stock of hundreds of UPVC door and window parts on our Trade Counter shop

Window Care will repair your doors when you are experiencing the issues below:

  • Difficulty in opening and shutting doors due to expansion and contraction with the changes in temperature. Doors will then become misaligned.
  • Door handles become stiff.
  • Trouble with the locks on the doors. Unable to lock up when door handle is up.
  • Door is unlocked, but the handles will not go down
  • Door handles are floppy and loose
  • Door key will only works from one side.

Our experts are particularly apt at handling most UPVC door related problems. Its not our policy to try to upsell you a door when you don't need it.

UPVC Door UK's favourite choice

Window Care promotes UPVC doors as they are low maintenance, durable, long-lasting, fire resistant, economical and will not rot. UPVC Doors are quite common in South Yorkshire, in fact, they are quite popular all over the UK. In addition, UPVC doors provide a high level of security as these doors are coated with a layer of steel and are quite difficult to break-in.

If the was ever a break-in, Window Care mobile is on 24/7 and we are happy to assist you in repairing the doors and changing the locks if necessary. All the locks for our doors are approved by home insurance.