Hinges Replacement for UPVC / Aluminium Windows and Doors

Hinges usually become corroded, rusty, and are in need of replacement much faster than the Windows and Doors itself. Our team of specialist can replace any old hinges in your properties to ensure that the windows and doors are operating within the legitimate standards. We are also available to advise on UPVC windows and doors' hinges. Similar to handles, if the hinges aren't replace properly, it will be difficult to keep the windows and doors shut, as a result your home isn't as secure and is vulnerable to be broken into by robbers. Therefore we advise property owners of commercial buildings and homeowners to regularly check and maintain the Windows and Doors regularly especially the hinges.

Other than hinges used on the windows and doors external of buildings and houses, hinges can be found on closet doors, glass showers, and in room doors. As we know, hinges are required to hold a door up properly. Commercial staff and families' safety in buildings depends on reliable maintenance of the hinges of every door and windows.

At Window Care, we care for the safety and security of your families, staffs and property therefore we offer a maintenance plan in order to keep all your Windows and Doors in check. Please contact us if you are interested to find out about our maintenance plan, We cover 30 miles radius within Rotherham and surrounding South Yorkshire towns.

If you are a handy man and would like to fix your own hinges, we have stocked hundreds of parts for Windows and Doors in our Trade Counter shop online. You are welcome to see if you can find the hinges that will suit your windows and doors.

Window Care Hinges Repair Services

Our technician will first assess to condition of your hinge and try to repair it. If it can be repaired, we will go ahead and repair it, otherwise we will suggest to replace the hinges. If your hinges were installed by us, we are happy to repair them for you.

Please call us if you are struggling to repair or replace any of your hinges in your properties. We will be happy to help and Window Care is the expert in hinges.