Sliding Patio Door Repairs and Replacement

WindowCare isn't just an experts in windows and doors' repair and installation we also repair and replace sliding patio doors. We know that a sliding patio door can get jammed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it may be dirt or grime, while sometimes the rollers or wheels may be broken from wear and tear through the years. Window Care will first dentify the cause of the problem of your sliding patio doors and will repair and advise you on how to maintain the sliding patio doors. We know that glass sliding patio doors can be expensive and delicate, so it can break easily if it is not repair, fixed, and maintained.

Commercial and Residential Sliding Doors
Patio sliding doors are very popular these days not just for home owners but also in the commercial sector such as in hotels, offices and holiday apartments. This is because Glass sliding patio doors allow more light into the rooms and it is the best way of ventilation for the room and home. It also allow easy access to the conservatories, gardens and balcony.

Window Care is an expert in repairing all parts of the UPVC Glass patio sliding doors from the handles to the locks and the glass to the tracks. If you need assistance with any issues related to your sliding patio doors contact us today. The security of your property and home is our utmost priority. If you patio sliding doors are not able to shut or locked up properly, your home will be at the risk of breaking into by thieves. Therefore, if you have an issue in securing your home because your patio door isn't working at the legitimate standard please contact Window Care today. Home and building insurance often frowns upon property owners who does not take responsibility in securing their home and making sure the windows, doors and sliding patio doors can be properly secured when no one is around.

WindowCare offers free quotes and consultations

Please contact Window Care in Rotherham when you are faced with the challenge of faulty sliding patio doors. We are happy to give a free consultation and quote for your patio sliding door repair and maintenance. We are also happy to work within a reasonable budget.